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Waterfall Australia


PULSAR ACRYLIC BONG THE ORIGINAL AND STILL THE BEST!! The Pulsar - designed & created by Waterfall back in '94| it has stood the test of time| is one of our favourites and is also one of the best made| and best selling acrylic bongs we have ever stocked. As one of the only acrylic bongs on the market with the fatter bonza stem| it stands apart from it's imitators. The Pulsar is truly amazing| not just for the price| but for cleaning and maintaining as the clever design allows you completely dismantle every section. 


  • Bonza stem (very rare on acrylic bongs)
  • Vibrant semi transparent colours
  • Complete pulls apart for easy cleaning and maintance
  • Made from high grade acrylic plastic
  • Height: 200mm
  • Neck Dia: 40mm
  • Body Dia: 90mm
  • Grommet: Bonza
  • Stem: Bonza 100mm
  • Cone: Bonza Medium