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Waterfall Australia


Waterfall Australia, pioneers in the Australian smoking industry for over 40 years, proudly present the Shape Shifter range. THE ONLY LIMIT IS YOUR IMAGINATION!

Create your own unique smoking experience with the Shape Shifter. Featuring multiple interchangeable filtering components, you can build your own custom smoking device with 120 different possible setup combinations! Beautifully presented in a deluxe wooden crate, the Shape Shifter comes with everything you need to create a bong up to 1.5 metres tall, using as many or as few of the parts as you like. Each filter chamber creates a new path for the smoke, smoothing and cooling it. Slide them on,stack them up, swap them around.

With an all glass set up for a clean taste, and multiple options for setup, you can change it up every time you smoke.

The Shape Shifter Alchemist comes with a large spherical base, and a curved mouthpiece which features blue glass lip detail and ice catcher dimples for stacking ice cubes for a cool inhale.

The deluxe wooden crate is foam padded, and custom cut to protect your Shapshifter and hold all its components. There's a lift out wooden box inside to store your accessories, and a slide out drawer which houses the filter chambers.


Your Shape Shifter comes with:

  • 1 x foam padded wooden crate, with chamber storage drawer
  • 1 x internal storage box
  • 1 x Shape Shifter bong base
  • 1 x mouthpiece
  • 1 x glass stem
  • 1 x glass cone
  • 2 x water percolator filter chambers
  • 3 x air filter chambers
  • 10 x construction clips
  • 1 x instruction card



  • Crate size: 265mm x 305mm x 385mm
  • Fully assembled height 150-155cm
  • Basic height: (base with mouthpiece only - no filters) 515mm
  • Bong Base height: 325mm
  • Bong Base diameter: 150mm
  • Stem joint: 18mm
  • Neck Connector joint: 30mm
  • Mouthpiece height: 225mm
  • Mouthpiece diameter: 40mm
  • Stem: 250mm x 10mm diffuser stem with 18m joint & 14mm cone joint
  • Cone: 14mm glass cone
  • Filter chamber height: 235mm
  • Filter chamber diameter: 51mm